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Industry Visit

Much classroom learning and personal learning aimed at self-improvement gets no further. That gulf between understanding and successfully applying is one of the largest in the management education realm. Thus, industry visits are an integral facet of IIPM’s learning model. This variant of deeply institutionalized practice enables the students to gain a deeper understanding of classroom teaching and gain practical exposure in real time. Through this, the glaring disconnect (between classroom lear

Industry Visit to Elder Pharmaceutical Limited

Management students of IIPM, Dehradun, accompanied by Prof.Sunil Madan and Prof.Nilay Ratna Kukreti visited a manufacturing unit at Selaqui of Mumbai based Elder Pharma, the company well known for Tiger Balm and a leading calcium supplement brand-Shelcal .The students gained an insight into manufacturing processes, standards, regulatory requirements. The questions posed by them were attended to by the head of various departments such as manufacturing, quality assurance and human resources with whom the students had an opportunity to interact with. Following the company presentation, the visit to a manufacturing area and seeing Shelcal tablets being produced and blister packed through various production stages was a first hand exposure to live processing for the students who had to be specially attired in compliance with the good manufacturing practices. At IIPM, class room orientation is supplemented by visits to industry, review of case studies, field assignments, research projects, quizzes, debates, guest lectures that enable students in their overall development by gaining sound knowledge and building up of managerial skills.