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Other Events


Beauty and the Beast

A poster painting competition was held at IIPM Dehradun .The students took great interest in the competition. A large number of students participated in the poster making competition expressing their creativeness on canvas. There were ten teams with two to four students. The time imparted to the students for making the posters were two hours. The teams were given the theme of �Beauty and Beastâ�ï&ique

Cricket Mania at IIPM Dehradun

Cricket mania of the final cricket match between India and Sri Lanka of the World Cup 2011, gripped the IIPM Dehradun Campus like the rest of the city and the Nation.All Students of UG and PG programmes on the IIPM campus were eagerly waiting for the crucial match between the two countries and see history repeating itself.Students wore different painted motifs on faces, like the Tricolour, raised slogans for Indian teamâs victory, students watched the match with keen interest.Nevertheles