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Seminars & Conferences

Corporate seminars, guest lectures and student conferences are an integral part of academic orientation for the students at IIPM. The institutes organizes large-scale conferences designed to bring higher levels of value and thought leadership to IIPMites. They proffer a broad, over-arching view to the global trends and issues affecting business education. Seminars are centered around content and relatively small in scale, permitting only a limited number of participants. These learning sessions

Seminar on WSG Markets

At WSGM it is believed that Money Managers should be bred in colleges and universities when students get exposed to fundamentals of Finance. With this belief it conceptualize The "Fund Managers Olympiad" in MBA and Finance colleges pan India. Three speakers from the WSG visited IIPM campus with the goal to provide an easy, deep and meaningful understanding of Options, Hedge funds and Commodities. However, it is a well known fact that only theoretical knowledge obtained within the

Seminar on APPLE computers and MAC OS by MAPPLE

A seminar on “APPLE COMPUTERS & MAC OS” by “MAPLE” organization was organized for the students of IIPM-Mumbai on 8th September, 2011. A group of 4 speakers presided over the seminar and spoke about the varied features that are installed on the new MAC OS and how these features make life easy for the users. The speakers also spoke about how the MAC operating system would help the students in their academic learning. The Speakers demonstrated various features of the MAC OS in front of the students so that they can understand them easily. The students enjoyed the session and thanked the IIPM –Mumbai Management for making them a part of this eventful and exciting seminar. One of the students exclaimed - “Buying a Mac is like buying a yummy Chocolate Cake topped with the most delicious items you can ever imagine. Knowing that we have bought it makes our senses tingle....but attending the seminar is like discovering and then enjoying each and every aspect of your latest acquisition. I definitely recommend this to anyone who has bought a Mac!!!

Management Seminar on India as an Enterprise at IIPM Mumbai

Students of IIPM Mumbai were fortunate enough to attend the seminar on “India as an enterprise” 20 students attended the seminar. India is the 2nd fastest developing nation in the world. Being the 10th largest economy it has to transform its motion from the traditional to more innovative methods. Our management students know the importance of segregating and developing various departments in an enterprise. The seminar was all about proposing an enterprise model to the Indian economy. It captures an overall ability of a country to raise resources, its creditworthiness, its credibility in international market and its talent managing ability.