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4Ps (The Marketing Club)

The 4Ps Club believes in serious academic pursuits in the areas of marketing. It primarily exists to enrich and complement the class room educational experiences, wherein the overarching objective is enhancement and upgradation of marketing fundamentals. The various initiatives taken under the club helps students to understand the topics and issues relevant to the marketing field. The new mantra of 4Ps Club's is Power, Passion, Perspective and Persuasion.

A seminar on Insight of franchising industry by Mr. Rijoy Prabhakar at IIPM Bangalore

We at IIPM Bangalore had an honour and privilege to bring Mr. Rijoy Prabhakar to IIPM campus to guide the students through the insight of franchising industry. He gave the students depth knowledge about how franchising industry is helping the growth of India. He spoke about 7 mantras of being a successful franchisee. He spoke about the difference between a franchisor and a franchisee .He also took us through a brief history about how franchising industry started. Then he explained about career opportunities-franchising .All in all it was a wonderful experience for the students of FW10-12.