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Human Factor (The HR Club)

The Human Factor Club is an academic club and is now ably supported by the team that is spearheading The Human Factor magazine. With a vision to empower and educate the students on concepts and industry practices in HR, the members of the club are actively involved in managing, and organizing various events like Career Counseling workshops. Inter-college events such as Case Study Analysis bring out the element of healthy competition and tests members' communication and reasoning skills. The stud

IIPM Bangalore conducts a guest lecture by Mr. Aryan Bala

There is no greater joy than joy of seeing your dream become a reality in front of your eyes. One such man whose relentless drive and passion saw him achieve great heights is none other than Mr. Aryan Bala. He is a dynamic personality with big dreams and a never ending thirst to achieve excellence in all his endeavors. Bala Aryan is a mission mentor and marketing consultant. He owns retail and distribution ventures and provides marketing counsel to new and struggling small business enterprises. Bala received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Bombay. He completed his Masters degree in International marketing from the University of technology, Sydney in Australia in 1996. The students of IIPM were more than glad to be a part of the thought provoking guest lecture by Mr. Aryan Bala that spoke about HR branding and leadership in the current corporate world. He covered topics like brand equity, brand image, brand identity, brand extension and leadership to name a few. He also enlightened the students with the current trends in HR branding and gave example about how the major companies are using HR branding to their advantage to survive and lead the corporate world!

IIPM Bangalore organizes a guest lecture by Mr. Phalgun, Mr.Sourish and Mr. Anish

An initiative of the Human factor club, IIPM Bangalore, three industry experts were invited to deliver a guest lecture. Mr. Phalgun, senior manager HR of SKF Pvt Ltd, Mr. Sourish, assistant VP HR of Grey Caps and Mr. Anish, a well established entrepreneur, all took the opportunity to visit IIPM Bangalore. The seminar started with Mr. Phalgun addressing the audience about the transformational and transitional roles of HR as a department, the importance of strategic HR and the different domains in the HR world. The second speaker, Mr. Anish had a total different perspective of HR and its connection with other departments in the organization. He advised the students not to look at people as resources but as genuine individuals. Mr. Anish stressed on the importance of the HR department as a medium to connect the various verticals in an organization and how HR managers have to be well informed about the technical and financial aspects of a company. The third speaker Mr. Sourish an Alumnus of the first batch of IIPM was more than glad to meet his juniors. The students were equally happy to meet their successful alumnus, which itself was a great inspiration for the students. The session with Mr. Sourish had students literally jump out of their seats with his quick wit and amazing sense of humor. Mr. Sourish shared with the students about his experience as a student at IIPM and how he dealt with very tough teachers. He covered the new concept called the 4 P’s of HR