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Alchemy (The Cultural Club)

Through this culture club, IIPMites balances academic subjects with an appreciation and understanding of arts and culture, and thereby to tap one's own imagination. All the events associated with this open a whole new thought process and the interactions stimulate aesthetic sensibilities of the participants. Influential Institute events like Amaze, Aagman, Moonwalk and talent competitions are some of the flagship events of this club.

IIPM Bangalore conducts an event Ice-Breaker

The ice-breaker happened for the FW 11-13 and winter 12-14 .The auditorium was decorated as the theme which was “Indian mythology in modern times”. The event was started with introduction for the students with the faculties and was hosted by the head of events Mr. Ashwin Suresh. As the event progressed there were activities which involved a lot of interaction between the students and the faculties. A lot of students from the senior batch also took part in making the event a big success. Activities like treasure hunt, class introduction, pizza eating competition were played during the event. The clubs were introduced with their respective heads. Finally the event ended with the best class award and photo session.

IIPM Bangalore students celebrate Holi

Holi the day of colours started by the students gathering in college and then proceeded to a ground with a few faculty members. All the students were asked to gather around 2pm near college and some colours were bought near college. When the students reached the ground they were very excited looking at the size of the ground and the result was even more awesome. The celebrations started as students started putting colours on each other and also the faculty members joined in. Later to the surprise of the students a water tanker was arranged. So Holi was more like a holi after water was being sprinkled everywhere with students and faculty members enjoying the entire day. The celebrations got over around 6 in the evening and all the students and faculty members dispersed. The entire event was full of fun and colours.

IIPM Bangalore conducts The Footloose

‘So you think you can dance’, ‘Dance India Dance’ are such competitions that all the people around the world watch. This time it was IIPM Bangalore students to be watched because it was ‘The Footloose’ competition. The students were all geared up to dance the night away with all the groovy moves and style. Amazing choreography done by the students to impress the judges .Some faculties also danced on public demand. After the entire competition UG 11/14 won and thereafter the stage was put out to the audience who wanted to groove on to the songs. The entire night till the session lasted it was an event to remember.

IIPM Bangalore conducts an event -T-30

The Talent-30 got on a full swing for the FW 11-13/14 and winter 12/14 students. Events such as Best Manager, Flip back and Marketing Quiz were being a part of T-30.The students who took part in the T-30 were very delighted with the whole set up done for them. The co-ordinators were from the fall batch that were very enthusiastic about their respective work provided to them. The Mr & Ms Personality round finished at the Fresher’s party. All in all it was a fun filled event with many students participated and enjoyed the taste of what IIPM is all about.

IIPM Bangalore conducts the Karaoke evening

Start of beautiful evening with melodious voices echoing in the auditorium. Yes, the guess is right the karaoke evening happened at the IIPM Bangalore campus. Students from different batches took part in the event. Some real great singers were found who could represent IIPM Bangalore nationally or internationally. Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri, Bengali songs were sung by various students. Students chose their songs and then sang their heart out. The icing on the cake was done when the Faculties also joined in and sang the songs they always wanted sing. It was a brilliant and a stress relieving event for all .

IIPM Bangalore organizes Antakshaari Competition

“BAITHE BAITHE BORE HUE, KARNA HAI KUCH KAAM, SHURU KARO ANTAKSHAARI LEKE PRABHU KA NAAM “ The Antakshaari competition started out with blow in the auditorium with 7 teams of 5 participating. 3 rounds were conducted where the excitement level increased at every step as the evening progressed. Various language songs were being played and sung (Hindi, English, Tamil, and Telugu) during the event. Rounds after rounds the event became a whirlpool of fun where all the students enjoyed to the core. The faculty team also participated and finally the winter 12-14 emerged as winners.

IIPM Bangalore organizes Fresher's Party for Spring and Spring Summer 2012-14-15

It was indeed a night to Remember! IIPM Bangalore hosted its official welcome party for the new batches on campus with a lot of style and glamour. Playing host this year was the sports lounge in the most renowned 5 Star Property in Bangalore, THE LEELA PALACE. The highlight of the evening was the coveted Mr. & Ms. Fresher Contest. With 4 boys and 4 girls in the final round, the judges asked each of the contestants a question based on which the titles were awarded to Ananth Kini & Reshma Noor Alam; bothfrom SS/12-14/A1. The night was still young as the event was followed with a bowling tournament, some video gaming and a very lively dance floor! A true celebration in the true IIPM Style!