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Recall (The Adventure Club)

Teamwork, leadership, motivation and the spirit of management are topics that cannot be taught. They have to be learnt by experience. This, precisely, was the thought that lead to the conceptualization of the Recall Club. And along with the learning, an important aspect considered was learning outside ‘classrooms’. Keeping these thoughts in mind, The Recall Club started its journey, offering a package of 'the spirit of learning.'Since its inception, The Recall Club has organized various student

Slow Bike Race at IIPM Cochin

IIPM, Cochin campus had a great time with lots of thrill and shouts of “hurray” been heard for their classmates who were participating for the slow bike race …………. The event was planned for the (SS PG 10-12) & (SS PG 11-13) .It was really a great time for each participant as well as the viewers of the show.There were almost 14 participants from both batches. There were two tracks for the participants to drive their bikes and reach the endpoint without stopping the bike or keeping their foot on ground. The Recall club Secretary Shyam from (SS PG 10-12) and his Coordinators organized the show and made it a huge entertainment. We had the event been organized at the IIPM, Premises. We had Presh Prathap as winner from (SS PG 10-12) and Shanoob as runner-up for the event.

Treasure hunt for SS PG 11-13 batch at IIPM Cochin

Yesterday we had the treasure hunt event for the SS PG 11-13 batch organized by the recall club. There were almost 5 teams with 3 members each .The places designed for the event was from Padma junction, MG road till sheniaz junction at Cochin. The clues were kept at different places like shops, malls, gym, classrooms etc it was really fun and cheerful event which happened at our campus. The treasure hunt was finally hidden at IIPM, Cochin campus and the winners were finally awarded with boiled eggs and Pepsi to quench their thirst…….that was the joke which happened at the end of the event. But it was well executed and planned by the recall club coordinators. Finally the team which Mr. Antony Jones was heading got the treasure hunt. The team was appreciated by the club and the events group from IIPM,cochin.