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Torque (The Sports Club)

The primary idea of this club is to promote camaraderie in the batches through sports events and secondary aim is to encourage sports and games as an instrument for physical and mental agility. The club organizes competitive cricket tournaments, football matches, billiard competitions and many indoor games. Some of the major annual events of this club are the Aurobindo Chaudhuri Memorial Cricket Tournament, GOAL – the Football Tournament and the Sports Week.

Pool Competition

Last week we had conducted pool competition for PG/FW/ISBE (B)

Carom board Competition at IIPM Cochin

Today we had conducted Carom board competition for FW_IIPM 10-12& ISBE batch before they enter to the holy week which is about to reach soon. There were 2 teams in total (2members each) out of which students named Vishnu & Shajahan won the competition. The competition was held around 10.30 am today .The competition was really enjoyed by all viewers as well as the participants too. There were judges to evaluate the match and score them. The winners won the game by striking off the pink coin followed by the white coin. It was held at IIPM gym. Participants were at high spirits and that showed at their face during the play. The group was been cheered by other students. The group was been honored by the IIPM faculties. Winners were extremely happy to get recognized from the management end.

Arm Wrestling by torque club at IIPM Cochin

IIPM, Cochin campus had a great time last evening …………. The event was planned for the (SS PG 10-12) & (SS PG 11-13) .It was really a great time for each participant as well as the viewers. There were almost 15 participants from both batches. Even girls were really excited about the event as they showed that they too are not behind ……..while it comes to arm wrestling too. The SS PG 10-12 organized the show and made it a huge success. We had our gym instructor to conduct the event and lead the game forward. We utilized our new canteen premises for the event. We had Ruby Oommen & Hisham as winners from (SS PG 11-13) and Shanoob from SS PG (10-12).

Table Tennis competition at IIPM Cochin

Today we had the Table tennis competition at our campus organized by the Torque club coordinators. There were almost 16 participants for the event. We had the singles between each batches. The event was organized for SS PG 11-13& SS PG 10-12. The event took place at our gymnasium.We had judges to evaluate the event and instruct them accordingly throughout the play. The event was been scheduled around 3.00pm and it was managed well by the torque club. Being the first event of there club they were able to portray a good event from their side. Mr. Shanoob the club coordinator congratulated Mr. Renoy Mathew the winner of the competition for his outstanding performance.