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AAGMAN is a specially designed in-house event at the institute through which a new batch is welcomed to a whole new world at IIPM. Over the past years, Aagman has been synonymous with the Annual Cultural Evening at the institute, which witnesses participation of students from all batches along with members of the faculty.

Audition for IIPM Jaipur's Cultural Fest - Aagman

On 3rd October, the students of IIPM Jaipur stepped forward to determine the best dancers amongst them who were worthy enough to represent the institute in the annual cultural fest – Aagman. A total of 23 students showed up with their different dance forms ranging from classical folk and contemporary to even salsa and hip-hop. After the grueling competition that went on for two hours the final list of students were finalized who were to perform in the festival and Tanishka Rathore was crowned the queen out all.

IIPM Jaipur conducts AAGMAN 2012

This year IIPM Jaipur celebrated its fourth AAGMAN- 2012 and welcomed the new students with open arms at the event. AAGMAN-2012 was out and out a student’s event and they executed it with lots of enthusiasm and hard work making it a merry evening for themselves as well as the audience. The evening kicked-off with Ganesh Vandana, seeking blessings of the almighty in guiding the students towards the right direction as well as successful completion of the event. What followed was a musical journey with students displaying their singing as well as dancing talents which had the audience clapping in sync with their beats. The essence of AAGMAN is to help the students come out of their comfort zone and display their skills, and what followed was a series of well organized performances. A skit was performed by the students which were very well appreciated. The highlight of the event was the Fashion show distributed into three segments of traditional, formal and casuals. It was well crafted out and the students outdid themselves with costumes, expressions and their individual styles. With this event, we came to the end of a fun filled evening with much appreciation for the new students.