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Recall (The Adventure Club)

Teamwork, leadership, motivation and the spirit of management are topics that cannot be taught. They have to be learnt by experience. This, precisely, was the thought that lead to the conceptualization of the Recall Club. And along with the learning, an important aspect considered was learning outside ‘classrooms’. Keeping these thoughts in mind, The Recall Club started its journey, offering a package of 'the spirit of learning.'Since its inception, The Recall Club has organized various student

Adventure Trip

On 1st April, an Adventure trip was held for students of IIPM Jaipur. Around 40 students participated in this trip. All students learned the behavioral aspect of team work

Photography contest by Recall club at IIPM Jaipur

Recall club hosted Photography event on 20th June at IIPM Jaipur campus. The main motto of the event was to back the creative side of the students. Theme of the event was “Summers at Jaipur”. Students were given a day’s time to capture their imagination. They have visited different locations and captured the moment which according to their imagination capture summers at Jaipur. Students submitted their pictures to the college in PPT format after which Ms. Pujita was adjudged as the winner.