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Cicero's Challenge

Cicero’s Challenge is a one of its kind global debate competition, targeted at the high school students in their final years at school. It brings together young and enthusiastic students on a common platform to showcase their oratory skills, as evident from the name of the event – Cicero’s Challenge – a tribute to one of Greek’s legendary orators.

IIPM Jaipur conducts Ciceros Carnival 2012

The tribute to the legendary orator, statesman, political theorist, lawyer and philosopher of Ancient Rome witnessed this year a massive participation of over 800 students in the Jaipur campus. This initiative by IIPM is to encourage young minds to meet and ideate. “The Cicero’s Challenge”, was well received by the high school audience of the city & around on 3rd & 4th May’12. Owing to the efforts of the team of coordinators - waiting in the wings, Jaipur stood the audience to the largest school fest of the state. Theme for the 2 day event was “Get Real” and it was to impart a message to all to know the legend inside you, who is full of energy, exuberance and reality. The theme was showing its real effects when students from all around gathered and started evincing their thoughts & interest and the same was transformed to winning balloons, which were getting unleashed one after other. The major events comprised – Debate, Ad-Mad, Collage Making, Know Your Sports, Skit, Dumb Charades, JAM, Treasure Hunt and Creating Writing. The massive participation of schools proved nothing can be better than this form of being social. Finally on the 2nd day i.e 4th May’2012, winners proved it that there cake’s worth the candle.