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Human Factor (The HR Club)

The Human Factor Club is an academic club and is now ably supported by the team that is spearheading The Human Factor magazine. With a vision to empower and educate the students on concepts and industry practices in HR, the members of the club are actively involved in managing, and organizing various events like Career Counseling workshops. Inter-college events such as Case Study Analysis bring out the element of healthy competition and tests members' communication and reasoning skills. The stud

IIPM Bhubaneswar conducts an activity Building Blocks

On 2nd June 2012, IIPM Bhubaneswar conducted a management game named Building Blocks under the HR Club of IIPM. "Building Blocks" is an effective group and participative game which is very useful for the students for developing leadership, followership, communication, giving effective instructions, motivation, time management, team work and team building skills among them. The students were divided into various teams and were given abstract pieces of blocks through which they have to build up a proper structure of a building with team effort, which was subject to approval by the judges. After the commencement of the game the teams were engaged in their task. In this way the session ended up and the winner was declared. By this game the students got to know that how to work in a team. Students liked the game very much and also gained knowledge about team work and its effectiveness.