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Rhetorix (The Communication Club)

Rhetorix is the Debate & Communication Club at IIPM, The Indian Institute of Planning & Management. The club organizes Guest Lectures, Debates and other communication exercises for students. The club believes in "Building Orators" through a series of events and exercises. Among all the events organized by the Rhetorix Club, the most notable event being the annual Aurobindo Chaudhuri Memorial Debate Competition.

Do you have it in you to lead

On 5th May 2011, IIPM, Bhubaneswar conducted a Rhetorix club event based on political campaigning .The basic objective of the activity was to test the communication skills along with creative ability of the students. In the activity, the students were mainly divided into different groups and each group was asked to select a party name and draw the logo along with the party slogan. Then they had to select a leader and marketing managers who would look after the promotional strategy of the party.

War of Group Discussion at IIPM Bhubaneshwar

“Discussion is just a tool. You have to aim; the final goal must be a decision”“WAR OF GD” was conducted on 23rd July 2011 under the Rhetorix Club. In this event the students were initially divided into several individual groups, where each group was given a topic to be discussed upon. On the basis of their group discussion ability an individual was picked from every group and a finale round was conducted among the selected ones. It was a heated & exciting group discussion where the audiences also found it quite engaging and were eager to put in their inputs after the GD. The War of GD ultimately came to an end with the selection of a winner.