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Freshers' Party-2014 IIPM Hyderabad & Chennai

For the ones who just boarded and the ones who are sailing it was a day lost in gala and fun. The Freshers Party-2014 at IIPM Hyderabad was not only getting to know each other better and seeking friendship for life time but was also a day when they framed themselves to become Global Leaders. Lost in the swing with their roaring energies the students eased out themselves setting a trend. The event would not have been any fun without the Chennai students pepping the air. If one side of the coin was for the students to have fun on the other side for the staff it proved what integrity is to make big success being one big IIPM family where we all belong to. The students thanked the Hyderabad & Chennai management for this memorable afternoon. EVENTS: Ms. & Mr. Fresher Ms. Veda Sree (Hyd.) Mr. P Karthik (Hyd.) & Mr. Vonod Kumar (Hyd.) Ms. Mahalakshmi Hari (Chn.) Mr. Sameer (Chn.)