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Human Factor (The HR Club)

The Human Factor Club is an academic club and is now ably supported by the team that is spearheading The Human Factor magazine. With a vision to empower and educate the students on concepts and industry practices in HR, the members of the club are actively involved in managing, and organizing various events like Career Counseling workshops. Inter-college events such as Case Study Analysis bring out the element of healthy competition and tests members' communication and reasoning skills. The stud

IIPM Hyderabad conducts a guest lecture by Prof. Bajaj

A guest lecture was organized by Prof. Col. Bajaj for students across batches at IIPM-Auditorium. Prof. Col. P.S. Bajaj has been an exemplary soldier and is now an academician of immense repute. He holds various degrees i.e. MMM, BE, PGDBM, PGDPM, PGDHRD, PGDIR. As Chairman of IMT Distance and Open Learning Institute for almost a decade he has nurtured this organization from a fledgling state to one boasting of alumni of over 35000 students. Prof. Bajaj is a psychologist and has authored many books, including the international best seller- “Business ethics- An international perspective”. He is known for his motivational and oratory skills. A successful motivator, an enthusiastic trainer and an experienced counsellor, he is the efficient stalwart. He is the force behind many successful personalities. Mr. Bajaj gave a motivational speech to students about life. He explained the importance of ethics in one’s life and also various personality development techniques to students. Students enjoyed the insightful lecture and thanked IIPM-Management, Prof. Bajaj & Prof. Shirani Nayar for organizing it.

IIPM Hyderabad organizes HR Management Games

Bharth Anil & Shikhar Tandon from PGP/SS/11-13 along with Prof. Suryaprakash Rao has organized HR management games across batches as part of Human Factor Club. In total 6 HR management games were organized in which all the students have actively participated and have put in their best efforts. Students enjoyed the event and thanked IIPM-Management, Prof. Surya Prakash Rao & Prof.Shirani Nayar for organizing it.

Management through Music with Prof. T.J.Mohan Corporate-HR Trainer at IIPM Hyderabad

Music & Management works with the world’s leading companies and organizations to create corporate training experiences that explore the parallels between music and business. Taking inspiration from the same Prof.T.J.Mohan introduced a dynamic vocabulary for discussing leadership, teamwork, innovation and personal development, inviting students to explore new ways of thinking about business practice. During his performance, Prof.T.J Mohan showed how music is collaborated to produce exceptional performances, and explored why the world of music provides a powerful metaphor for today’s business climate. He really captivated students of PGP/SS/11-13 and worked interactively which kept the show alive. Some sang and some danced but in the end all enjoyed the performance. Students thanked IIPM-Management, Prof.Shirani Nayar (Associate Dean) & Prof.T.J Mohan (Senior, HR Faculty, IIPM-Hyderabad) for making them part of such innovating lectures.

IIPM Hyderabad organizes Guest Lecture By Mr.Debasis Chatterji CEO, Netxcel Limited

SMG along Human Factor club have organized a Guest Lecture by Mr.Debasis Chatterji, the CEO of Netxcel Limited for the second year students at IIPM-Seminar Hall on 14/8/2012. More than 40 students have attended this lecture. Mr.Chatterji , from a virtual ground zero situation to now, has nurtured Netxcell into a multi-product company. With proven credentials and ongoing business relationships with all the major telecom operators in India, the company manages a customer base of more than 300 million. Mr.Chatterji was also a panel speaker at the Mobile Advertising and Marketing Award, (MAMA) 2009 in LONDON. He was also invited as a panelist in SAARC Telecom, CEO Conclave, 2009 held in Dhaka. In the lecture Mr.Chatterji had spoken in depth about the importance of execution in management in today's world. Mr.Chatterji also elaborated on the enemy of the strategy is “POOR EXECUTION”. The ability of the organization is to execute its strategy in one of the most critical elements of success. It was a valuable learning for the students and the students thanked the management for organizing such valuable guest lectures for them.

IIPM Hyderabad organizes a Guest Lecture by Dr.Ch�rie on Leadership

The HR club organized a Guest Lecture by Dr.Chérie Carter Scott, Author and trainer for all the batches of IIPM- Taj Heights on 26th September, 2012. Around 150 students attended the lecture. A formal introduction of Dr. Chérie was given by Monica Shroff of PGP/SS/12-14. Dr.Chérie Carter Scott, an exceptional motivational speaker. She is a subject matter expert in various topics like Organizational development, Culture Change & Change Management, Culture Change & Change Management etc. At IIPM, Dr.Chérie spoke on the concept of Leadership. The event was followed by a Q&A session; students had the opportunity to interact with Dr.Chérie and ask questions and got an instant and prompt reply. Students were delighted to have one of New York Times best sellers at IIPM and thanked Professor Shirani Nayar and IIPM management for helping this knowledgeable event to happen.

Human Factor’s club of IIPM Hyderabad organizes Management Game for students

At IIPM campus, Consumer Behaviour’s Prof. Ramanathan organized a game for the students of his class to teach them Customer Adoption Process. The game took place next to the library where students and faculty interact the most. It had an idea to attract most of the customers to play this game. The participants were both students and faculty. The game included one bucket and three balls. Each participant was given three chances to put all the three balls in the bucket in one of those three chances. On winning students were awarded with Rs. 10 and on loosing they had to pay the same amount to Prof. Ramanathan. This was a chance for students to learn how to attract customers and how to benefit out of it.