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Rhetorix (The Communication Club)

Rhetorix is the Debate & Communication Club at IIPM, The Indian Institute of Planning & Management. The club organizes Guest Lectures, Debates and other communication exercises for students. The club believes in "Building Orators" through a series of events and exercises. Among all the events organized by the Rhetorix Club, the most notable event being the annual Aurobindo Chaudhuri Memorial Debate Competition.

Grand launch of a weekly IIPM Pune magazine “Paparazzi I - 7”

This was a Grand launch of a weekly IIPM Pune magazine. Purely a student’s initiative to keep all the students of IIPM Pune posted about the latest upcoming events, Winnings of the college, Top business news, Interview articles … etc and lot of interesting articles. This will also add to the writing skills of the student who volunteer to be the editors of the magazine. The ceremonial launch took place on 05th February, 2012 at the IIPM, Pune porch area. A crowd of around 50 students along with all the faculties and staff members made a strong impact for the launch. The magazine was launched by Prof. Simantee Sen, Prof. Sandip Kundu, Gaurav Gupta, and Prof. Sandeep Gohil. The whole initiative was taken by a student of FW 11-13 batch, Mr. Vibhav Pradip Nagarsenkar. This Magazine will be updated every Tuesday. The name Paparazzi I – 7, “I” stands for IIPM and “7” stands for weekly news update. The hard copy of this magazine will be displayed at the porch area of IIPM, Pune and a soft copy will be sent on the email addresses of all the students and the staff members.