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4Ps (The Marketing Club)

The 4Ps Club believes in serious academic pursuits in the areas of marketing. It primarily exists to enrich and complement the class room educational experiences, wherein the overarching objective is enhancement and upgradation of marketing fundamentals. The various initiatives taken under the club helps students to understand the topics and issues relevant to the marketing field. The new mantra of 4Ps Club's is Power, Passion, Perspective and Persuasion.

A guest lecture by Mr. Dipesh Dhabalia at IIPM Bhopal

A session on ‘Importance of Rural Marketing’ was held on 21st January 2012 by 4P’s Club at IIPM Bhopal. The Guest Speaker was Mr. Dipesh Dhabalia Ex. Cluster Head Tata AIG Life Insurance Company. He has 18 years of experience in Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals and Insurance Segment. Mr. Dipesh Dhabalia enthralled the students with his highly energetic and motivated communication and content delivery. During his interaction with the students he explained various strategies used in rural marketing. These include Promotions in Mela, Mandis, haats and promotions using street plays, drama, billboards, hoardings etc. He further explained the consumer psychology in rural areas and threw lights on how products should be positioned to target such customers with the help of his own experience in rural market. He described the rural market structure and explained the logic behind the focus of most companies towards rural market now days. He discussed the modalities and strategies adopted by retail firms in their rural ventures. Overall it was an extremely useful session for the students, who not only got insights of the corporate working but also learnt about how to tackle the difficult situations at workplace.

An interactive session on General management by Mr. Gulshan Sud at IIPM Bhopal

A session on ‘General Management’ was held on 27th Jan, 2012 by 4P’s Club at IIPM Bhopal. The Guest Speaker was Mr. Gulshan Mohan Sud who is currently an Entrepreneur and was a banker (retd.) in a nationalized bank for over 22 years and has experience over 15 years in the BPO Industry. Mr. Gulshan Mohan Sud enthralled the students with his highly energetic and motivated communication and content delivery. Mr. Sud talked about the leadership and management of the enterprise. He discussed about 7M’s and various other aspects of management. He also guided the students about the various criteria that they must evaluate while making a decision for their first job. He prepared the students to face the challenges and opportunities that will come in their way after entering the corporate world. According to him “The best way to deal the contingencies would be to select a career which you like and which also suits your personality traits and abilities”. He also threw light on the importance of personality aspects in professional life. Good manners, etiquettes and social skills can make you shine in front of others. A person needs proper knowledge and attitudes to become competent on his career front. This session was highly informative and was taken well by the students as they found themselves flown away in the knowledge bank of the speaker.

IIPM Bhopal organizes a Marketing Quiz

IIPM Bhopal came up with another opportunity for students to showcase their talent and knowledge. 4P’s Club organized an interesting quiz based on some very basic facts related to the prominent Indian and International brands. This quiz made the students aware of some very general facts which all the management students should be aware of. The questions were intelligently framed and focused mainly on the various aspects of marketing like logos, punch lines, etc as best of 3 teams of IIPM Bhopal students battled each other to establish their supremacy in the field of marketing. The students look forward for more and more such events in the campus.