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SMG (The Placement Club)

SMG is one of the most participating clubs and it is doing more each day to improve networking capital and outreach endeavours. The mission is to provide access to information on current issues in career management, undertake mentoring services, maintain an active presence among the student body, with alumni, and with prospective employers. It strives to prepare students for internships, interviews and careers in different realms of business and entrepreneurship.

Role Play by SMG Club at IIPM Bhopal

The SMG Club at IIPM Bhopal facilitated an internal event – “Role Play” for students on June 25, 2011, Saturday. Under this event the club conducted an activity wherein students were divided into teams (three members each team) and were given some situations. Based on those situations, they had to create a script and prepare a short role play.

Money Cannot Buy Happiness - Group Discussion by SMG Club at IIPM Bhopal

A Group Discussion was conducted at IIPM Bhopal on August 12, 2011, Friday by SMG Club. “Money Can’t Buy Happiness” was the topic for the discussion. Students shared their opinions among each on whether money is the prime factor for getting happiness in life or not. The discussion lasted for 20 minutes. Prof. Kuldeep Soni (Faculty, Training & Development) was invited as the judge. He shared his valuable feedback with the participants and gave various tips on how they can improve their communication and discussion skills. As they will be participating in campus placements, students need to excel in their communication skills. Certificates were given to the highest scorers.

Logo Making Competition by SMG Club at IIPM Bhopal

The SMG Club explored the creativity of students by organizing a Logo Making competition. The theme was given to the students a day before, which helped the participants to understand the theme and outline of their logo. The best part was the presentation of their art work. We discovered this was a vibrant platform not just to showcase their talent but also to have loads of fun, frolic and edutainment. SMG Club decided three winning teams and adjudged them on the basis of their creativity, logic and art.