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Moonwalk or the fresher’s night is the official welcome event for the new batch in IIPM. In the past, IIPM has conducted the fresher’s night at best of club lounges in all the cities where it is present to give the students a feel of what they can expect – a fun-filled and rocking academic and co-curriculur life at IIPM. IIPM also crowns the Mr & Ms Fresher of the batch during this event – a means to strengthen bond among the new comers by breaking the ice.

Moonwalk Night for Spring Summer PG 11-13 and UG 11-14 batch at IIPM Bhopal

IIPM Bhopal officially welcomed its new batches Spring Summer PG/11-13 & UG/11-14 by organizing the Moonwalk Night on August 25, 2011, Thursday at Sapphire, Hotel Sarthak, Bhopal.The event began with welcome address by Prof. Jitendra Singh Chouhan (Associate Dean) and Mr. Abhay Kaushik (Center Head). Then, it came to Mr. & Ms. Eve and Mr. & Ms. Freshers Contest wherein an introduction round was conducted. Participants introduced themselves and impressed the Judges. Mr. Rahul Nayan & Ms. Akansha Soni were chosen as Mr. & Ms. Eve respectively and Mr. Piyush Dakate & Ms. Palak Das as Mr. & Ms. Fresher respectively.The dance floor was set on fire by each and everyone present there on that evening and food tasted great after all that work.Students thoroughly enjoyed the party. Tired legs and weary eyes making their way back to their places in the late hours of evening marked the end of their academic journey’s first party. It marked their transition from new, uninitiated freshers to rightful explorers of an academic voyage that they will cherish and preserve. Most importantly they consummated a relationship with a place (IIPM) that they will never forget.

Moonwalk Night for Fall Winter 11-13-14 batches at IIPM Bhopal

IIPM Bhopal threw another party - “Moonwalk Night” and welcomed the new batches Fall Winter PG/11-13 & UG/11-14 by on October 17, 2011, Monday, at roof top of Hotel Sarthak, Bhopal. The event began with a warm welcome address by Mr. Abhay Kaushik (Center Head). Then, it moved to Mr. & Ms. Eve and Mr. & Ms. Fresher contest wherein an introduction round was conducted. Participants tried their best to impress the Judges. Some students came up with performances like solo dancing, singing, etc. and entertained other students and staff members. Winners were presented with momentos and sashes. Everyone maintained high energies throughout the evening. Music at DJ enticed all to shake their legs like no one is watching and they enjoyed dancing and head banging to the fullest. Party ended with sumptuous food enjoyed by one and all. It was a memorable evening for all the freshers as they celebrated the beginning of their journey at IIPM Bhopal.