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E2 (Entrepreneurship & Economics Club)

The E2 Club was formed in recognition of the unique and critical role of economics in the business and entrepreneurial management realms. The Club is planned around two primary activities relating to entrepreneurship and economics areas. It endeavours to stimulate the creativity of the participants of IIPMites by conducting regular events like policy forums, research paper presentations, essay competitions and various other learning interventions which intend to unlock the economic ingenuity of

An Idea can change your life by E-2 Club at IIPM Bhopal

On July 8, 2011, Friday, the E-2 Club at IIPM Bhopal conducted an event – “An idea can change your life”. It was a competition, wherein students had to share their business ideas. All of them came up with brilliant ideas. Many of them presented excellent business plans.Prof. Harsh Malik and Prof. Kuldeep Soni evaluated the students based on various criteria like idea, innovation, plan, content, presentation, etc. Prof. Harsh Malik shared his valuable feedback with students with respect to their business ideas and gave various tips on how they can improvise those ideas and implement them. It was altogether an excellent opportunity for the students to learn various aspects of entrepreneurship. They realized that an idea can really change your life if you work on it and implement it well.

MOVIE session at IIPM Bhopal

Club events at IIPM have always been inspiring students to think & act differently and E-2 Club is one such interface where students are set free to act in their own fun way. On 14th December 2011, IIPM Bhopal conducted a movie session under the E-2 Club. Here the students had given three movies where they had to vote for one movie and the movie having highest number of votes has shown to the students and that is Social Network. It was a 2 hrs 30 minutes time session and here the students enjoyed the session very much.