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Alchemy (The Cultural Club)

Through this culture club, IIPMites balances academic subjects with an appreciation and understanding of arts and culture, and thereby to tap one's own imagination. All the events associated with this open a whole new thought process and the interactions stimulate aesthetic sensibilities of the participants. Influential Institute events like Amaze, Aagman, Moonwalk and talent competitions are some of the flagship events of this club.

Funtakshari by Alchemy Club at IIPM Lucknow

Over the years the age old Indian tradition of Antakshri has been re-invented across general entertainment channels. On 4th June 2011the Alchemy Club of IIPM Lucknow unveiled its own on-ground version titled Funtakshari.With distinctive rounds like “Bujho to Jaane” “Dumb Charades”and “Catch the word” the game succeeded in its efforts of providing full on entertainment to the audience. In sync with Alchemy club’s motto of encouraging, engaging and rejuvenating students , Funtakshari recognized student’s passion for music and singing and offered them a platform to showcase their singing talent. Jitender & Kartik of UG/FW/10-13 emerged as the winners.

Food Fest under Alchemy club at IIPM Lucknow

Alchemy club of IIPM Lucknow hosted Food fest on 6th September 2011. The fest provided a platform for the promotion of various cultural and ethnic diversities that prevail in the country, while the main objective of the event was to create a real life business situation for the students and to enhance their entrepreneurial skills. Students made different stalls of foods and beverages which they sold to students and faculties. This event was an eye opener for student who wanted to start their business and taught them how to maintain cash flow and maximize profit with minimum amount of resources. Overall it was a event filled with Fun, entertainment and of course a fair bit of learning experience for the students…there were appreciations, applauses, hiccups and burps as the crowd succumbed to the taste of life and forgot the concept of dieting.

IIPM Lucknow organizes UTV Bindass buddies Contest

On Dec 22, 2011 UTV in association with Tata Docomo organized UTV Bindass Buddies Contest by Alchemy Club at IIPM Lucknow. There were different interesting activities like hunt for Bindass Buddies, Bindass Guy and various fun interactive games. The event was filled with pure entertainment for every student present there.