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E2 (Entrepreneurship & Economics Club)

The E2 Club was formed in recognition of the unique and critical role of economics in the business and entrepreneurial management realms. The Club is planned around two primary activities relating to entrepreneurship and economics areas. It endeavours to stimulate the creativity of the participants of IIPMites by conducting regular events like policy forums, research paper presentations, essay competitions and various other learning interventions which intend to unlock the economic ingenuity of

E2 Club presents ‘collage making competition’ at IIPM Lucknow

In an effort to salute the efforts of the Young Indian Entrepreneurs, the E2 Club of IIPM Lucknow organized a collage making competition on the topic “Contribution of young entreprenuers in the indian economy.” The core idea behind this activity was to develop the team building skills among the management students and explore their entrepreneurial potential through a plethora of colors.Efforts of the students were remarkable and the students participated in the competition with full enthusiasm and team spirit.