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The Great Indian Dream

The GID Club has the objective of making India developed in health, education and employment by the year 2025. This will happen only when growth and development is targeted more importantly for the bottom 80% of India's population; thus the club aspires to strengthen the Indian economy from its roots by making the weaker section of the society more educated, aware, healthy and employable.

Art of living session at IIPM Lucknow

GIDF Club of IIPM Lucknow organized a session of Art Of Living for its students on 6th September' 2011. The session was taken by Anjali Seth, Col. (Rt.) Siddharth Seth and Himanshu Singh. The session started with several self-development and stress elimination activities, aimed at empowering students to face life's challenges gracefully.. It was an interactive session and it gave students an opportunity to relax, have fun, and get well- versed with the tried and tested skills and techniques that enhance their quality of life. It helped create clarity in the mind of the students, learn the effective ways to handle the stress. At the end of this unique program was powerful revitalizing breathing exercise, which is proven to facilitate physical, mental, emotional and social well- being. All in all the program helped students discover a roadmap to a new way of working and living.