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4Ps (The Marketing Club)

The 4Ps Club believes in serious academic pursuits in the areas of marketing. It primarily exists to enrich and complement the class room educational experiences, wherein the overarching objective is enhancement and upgradation of marketing fundamentals. The various initiatives taken under the club helps students to understand the topics and issues relevant to the marketing field. The new mantra of 4Ps Club's is Power, Passion, Perspective and Persuasion.

IIPM Ahmedabad conducts a marketing event- Crosswords

Moving away from the traditional way of marketing events where we show to our student’s logos and taglines, this was the time when we thought of making them solve crosswords. The event was divided into two rounds. Round 1 was solving jumbled words. Students were divided into groups of 3 – 4 and they were given the time limit of 7 minutes wherein they had to find as many words from the list as possible. The list comprised of 25 words from the dictionary of marketing and though it may sound simple task to do but the students were facing difficulty in solving it. The maximum words that one team was able to identify was 21. After the elimination of round 1 the students had to do the main task – “Solving the Crossword”. The students were given an empty crossword and the clues were on the projector screen. It was a buzzer round with negative marking it unable to give the right answer. It was a tough competition as the basics of marketing terminologies were asked and the competition was between the senior and the junior batches.