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Cicero's Challenge

Cicero’s Challenge is a one of its kind global debate competition, targeted at the high school students in their final years at school. It brings together young and enthusiastic students on a common platform to showcase their oratory skills, as evident from the name of the event – Cicero’s Challenge – a tribute to one of Greek’s legendary orators.

IIPM Ahmedabad conducts Inter School Fest- Cicero's Carnival 2012

IIPM Ahmedabad Cicero’s carnival 2012, liveliest Inter School fest adorn with the lot participation from the different schools. IIPM campus was decorated and a totally different atmosphere was experienced at IIPM from regular days. The coordinators and faculties’ in-charge arrived early by 6 am to get all things organized and to execute the event as per the plan. The opening day i.e. 21 July started with a Flip Back at IIPM. (JAM) – 60 seconds was next after Flip Back. Judges from various backgrounds and specialists in their fields were called to judge various events. The audience enjoyed the event thoroughly. All the school’s students had come into their respective school uniform and participate in respective events. Choreography Competition of the fest’ was the event for which many participants were looking forward to. The participants had to perform in group on the particular song. Each team performed their dance with in 4 to 7 minutes. All over it was very catchy and eye captivating event. Debate - the most happening event at Cicero where students were debating with each other they had to win with strong and logical arguments. The topic was “New age communication is fast but unemotional” and there were plenty of team participated in debate competition. Quiz started at 11:30a.m. with participants from various Schools participating in the event. And it’s basically combination of all the main subjects which are really helpful in Management study. Creative writing – Ever Pondered how different the GODFATHER would have turned out if you had penned it. Let your thoughts soar on the wings of poesy and tell you’re wondrous story. Words worth was the one of the best event on the day of Cicero and it was very tough to decide for juries to declare the results. Dumb Charades event was most happening event in Cicero 2012 there were 20 schools participated in this event and the winner was Kendriya Vidyalaya. Amazing performance by each and every schools. Sur aur Saaz- Antakshari- There three rounds in antakshari competition NORMAL ROUND, WORD ROUND, and Situation Round. There was maximum participation for this particular event from all the schools. The whole environment was fantabulous and audience was also eager to know who will win the competition. Collage Making- Collage making basically a veritable jumble of thoughts, ideas and opinions reflecting the insouciant vigor’s of young minds. This activity we had already done during activation in different schools so due to that reason we had handsome number of participation from different schools. AD MAD- Best Ad competition-Sugar spice and everything nice is not just the ingredient to make the power puff girls but also used wisely in a minute can make the most hard hitting advertisements. It was one of the worth watchable event in Cicero 2012 and the winner was St. Kabir School.