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AMAZE is one of the largest and the most electrifying annual fest organized by different IIPM centres across India. It is a platform for students to interact intellectually and creatively and do so while having fun. Not only is this a great platform for the students but also for the companies who take this opportunity to associate their brands and products with the power of youth.

Amaze 2011 at IIPM Ahmedabad

IIPM Ahmedabad Amaze 2011, liveliest B School fest adorn with the live in rock concert of Suraj Jagan. He mesmerized the audience with his great performances on songs like Bhag Dk, Give Me Some Sun Shine etc. Earlier twenty two events were held at IIPM campus on 25th and 26th November and a neck to neck competition was seen in most of the events. Eliminations rounds were also organized in some events due to excess of participation from different colleges. IIPM campus was decorated and a totally different atmosphere was experienced at IIPM from regular days. The coordinators and faculties’ in-charge arrived early by 8 am to get all things organized and to execute the event as per the plan. The opening day i.e. 25 November started with a Flip Back and Stock Guru in various classes at IIPM. Stock Guru (Virtual Stock Game) ended at 2pm and the one who earned maximum profit was declared winner. The best trader from the student community won the game with more than 1lac virtual profit on a single day. Just a minute (JAM) – 60 seconds was next after Flip Back. Judges from various backgrounds and specialists in their fields were called to judge various events. The toughest competition was seen in Solo singing competition which started at 11 am where more than 35 students participated. The elimination round was also held and the best 15 were selected for the next round. The participants were given the lyrics by the coordinators before ten minutes and they had to sing with such little practice. It was a huge challenge to sing on the songs which they didn’t practice and also this added the curiosity and a huge challenge in front of the participants in the event. Judges selected 6 contenders from the list of 15 for the next round. The final round was theme-based where participants had to select the theme from list of four and were given songs based on those themes. The audience enjoyed the event thoroughly. ‘Salesman of the fest’ was the event for which many participants were looking forward to. The participants had to sell the products given to them by the coordinator to persons present in the campus other than their college mates. Various sales skills and supreme convincing power was at the play while the game was on. Treasure Hunt - the most happening event at Amaze where students were given clues and they had to reach the various destinations based on the clues. Whosoever reached first is declared the winner. The event was executed at different places of Ahmadabad. The event lasted for more than 3 hours with prior elimination round taking place. Business Quiz started at 11:30a.m. with participants from various colleges participating in the event. In clicks the flicks – Movie Making competition where various teams presented their movie on the theme “Students against corruption”. The theme was given to them before 4 days of the event. Judges posted various questions to the participants and then the winner was declared. Best out of waste event showcased several different paradigms and creativity by students. Various models were presented to the judges. Participants were supposed to make anything with help of their creativity from the waste products given to them. The items included waste material like Cds, Dvds, cardboards, sheets, pens, pencils, markers, a box of waste products etc from which they need to make any 3D model without copying from others Magic Brush - Paint More Express more was the next event that was executed at 4pm. Students from 7 different colleges participated in the event and the theme for the event was “Mask”. The winner of the event expressed her creativity with “Hide and Seek” and convinced the judges with their master work. Every color reflects a mood so does every facial expression. Here you may use the best of both and portray a finer image through the art of face painting. Food-o-Mania took place with lot of participants enthusiastically cooking in the event. The winner was declared on the basis of various parameters pre-determined and a tough VIVA after the cooking session. Mr. and Ms Amaze was the center of attraction for young collegians of Ahmedabad. The terrace was the perfect venue for the event. 16 participants from various colleges were part of the event. The Choreography Competition was the event which took place simultaneously with the Mr. and Ms Amaze. The winner of the competition was given an opportunity to perform at the Rajpath Club the next day in live in concert! Rock Show was again center of attraction at terrace various teams performed to their best and the winner opened the live in concert at Rajpath Club on 26 November. 25 November was a day full of events and participants from various colleges participated in many such events. 26th November started with Saaz – Antakshari at 10:30pm where 12 teams from different colleges participated in the elimination round followed by the final round. Various rounds were organized and the winners were declared after a grueling competition. More than 15 students participated in Kalam – The creative writing competition and after in-depth study the judges the winner was declared who wrote best on the topic given to them. Great Debater had 5 teams participating in the event. Canvas painting started at 12pm and 6 teams participated in the same. Creativity and the concept were at the center of judging the canvas painting competition. Various different business plans were presented to judges who asked them various questions on the business plan and the winner was one who had done good research on the plan and had viewed the feasibility of the business. Lot of participants and parents from various colleges visited IIPM on both days. The campus was lively with various fun activities and events and prizes given all the day long. In total close to Rs. 1 lac was given out as prizes in cash in addition to the thousands of gift vouchers to the winners in various events! The experience at IIPM was electrifying and all the participants were very happy with overall organization of the event. The event ended with prize distribution from 3pm to 5pm at IIPM. Amaze 2011 ended with the Live in Concert of Suraj Jagan. More than 8000 attended the show at Rajpath Club. Several media persons and corporate were also part of the audience. Overall Amaze 2011 created new benchmarks in events in Ahmedabad. The entire city got to experience two magical days of fun and complete enjoyment.