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Alchemy (The Cultural Club)

Through this culture club, IIPMites balances academic subjects with an appreciation and understanding of arts and culture, and thereby to tap one's own imagination. All the events associated with this open a whole new thought process and the interactions stimulate aesthetic sensibilities of the participants. Influential Institute events like Amaze, Aagman, Moonwalk and talent competitions are some of the flagship events of this club.

The senior batch of IIPM Ahmedabad connects with the new students on campus with an interesting "Ice-Breaking" session

As the tradition states, the seniors of IIPM Ahmedabad organised a FANTASTIC session for the young and ignited students of the campus. The event was divided into different phases where both the seniors and juniors got equal opportunities to portraying their talents and break the ice in between each other. We played a game of breaking the conditions wherein the boys were supposed to put on a saree with the help of the girl and of course a saree doesn’t look good without wearing perfect Make-Up. It was hilarious to see boys in lipsticks, eye-liners , blushers, etc. This activity would not have been completed without the ramp walk and of course our new students were looking fantastic on ramp. The next activity was “Catch the tail” wherein the students attached the tail on themselves and the other players had to step on the tail and detach it from the player. All the players were running trying to keep their tails safe. We identified a lot of young singers and dancers. Many other games “Play with Emotions”, “Filmy Proposals” and many other were played which kept the students engaged and happy. At the end, the students were seen making new friends and an “ice” was broken between them.