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The Finex endeavours to maintain industry connectivity and take the students to the doorsteps of the professional financial services world; be it via Need The Dough, the quarterly journal, which periodically features write-ups from the students themselves, or via the annual seminar. It also facilitates and organizes online trading games which help hone the skills of future investment bankers and portfolio analysts.


IIPM has always believed in giving its students the best possible practical & realistic experiences for developing management skills and making them globally competent. It has been organizing various activities through which it aims to give students quality exposure to various contemporary issues in the areas of Management. Finex quiz is one of the activity out of that, Finex Quiz will be organized on Friday, 1 July 2011 from 9 AM to 12 PM. Batches involved are PGP/SS-10-12/IIPM, ISBE A &B (Fin) AND WB2/11-13.

IIPM Ahmedabad organized Brain O' Finex Quiz 2011

Brain O' Finex Quiz was organized on 23 December 2011 under Finex club for IIPM Ahmedabad students. The Quiz started with the Screening Round; wherein TOP TEN were selected on the basis of Written MCQs. The Top TEN students were divided in 5 Teams of two students named as: 1. Credit Crunchers 2. Fighting Ledgers 3. Remittances 4. Merchant Bankers 5. Arbitrages The Event was Judged by Dr. (Prof) Paresh Shah, In-house Faculty at IIPM Ahmedabad. He is a part of IIPM Ahmedabad under Faculty Development Program for the development of Finance Areas. The quiz was conceptualized under his guidance by Prof. Bharati Bindrani and Prof.Bhavin Ramani. The quiz was divided in Three Rounds. Round 1: Basic Awareness: - In this two rounds of questions were asked. The questions were based on basic accounts and Basic Finance. Round 2: Visual Round: - In this all the teams were asked 2 questions. In First Round of Visuals, Team had to identify the person and organization they are associated with. Visuals of eminent personalities in the field of Finance were shown and teams had to identify them. In the Second round Students were shown different currencies why they had to identify with the name of the country too. It was a transferable round. The next team if attempts and gives the correct answer; 5 marks were awarded. Wrong answer led to Negative five. Round 3: Theme Round: - Four Themes were kept in the bowl for each team. Each team on their turn had to pick one chit and accordingly the team was asked question based on the theme picked up. Fighting Ledgers had the highest scorers. Student named Kanhaiya Lohar of PGP/SS/11-13 and Dhaval Sadaiya of PGP/FB/11-13 team members won the FINEX Quiz.