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Rhetorix (The Communication Club)

Rhetorix is the Debate & Communication Club at IIPM, The Indian Institute of Planning & Management. The club organizes Guest Lectures, Debates and other communication exercises for students. The club believes in "Building Orators" through a series of events and exercises. Among all the events organized by the Rhetorix Club, the most notable event being the annual Aurobindo Chaudhuri Memorial Debate Competition.

IIPM Lucknow organizes an activity I Remember

Rhetorix Club at IIPM Lucknow organized the activity 'I Remember' on Jan 14, 2012 wherein each student was given a coin that belonged to a particular year. The students then had to reminisce and share one good and one bad memory. The activity focused towards enhancing communication skills, building the confidence level, encouraging, engaging and rejuvenating students.

Rhetorix Club of IIPM Lucknow organizes a session on Motivation

Rhetorix Club of IIPM Lucknow organized a session for its students on Motivation on 21st March'2012. The session featured talks by Mr. Naga Prasad, an official member of the Rifle Association of AP. He is an alumnus of IIPM Hyderabad 2004-06 batch. He has one Guinness record and three Limca National records to his credit. He has authored 'The tale of two great nations'. Good planning, focus and self-discipline helps one to stay motivated towards one's goal. In his candid talk with the students, he stressed that one should not be scared to ask for help and a willingness to make mistakes. The session itself acted as a complete motivator for the students. The interaction round after the session cleared all the doubts of the students as Mr. Naga answered each and every question coming from the group of students. The need of patience and the way one should celebrate the spirit of life is very necessary. Thus the students understood the basic root of motivation and sincerity.