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Rhetorix (The Communication Club)

Rhetorix is the Debate & Communication Club at IIPM, The Indian Institute of Planning & Management. The club organizes Guest Lectures, Debates and other communication exercises for students. The club believes in "Building Orators" through a series of events and exercises. Among all the events organized by the Rhetorix Club, the most notable event being the annual Aurobindo Chaudhuri Memorial Debate Competition.

IIPM Delhi finds its most talented freshers !_1

The 'Inter-section' talent competition concluded a few days back. All the students participated with great enthusiasm. The campus rocked with their energy and talent. The students competed with each other in various events like Debate, Just-a-minute, Choreography,One-minute-to-fame etc. The judges had a tough time deciding on the winners, but finally after a very tough battle the following students stood out from the rest and were declared the winners of the various events. Debate ;Nawang ,Fashion Show-Yogita and Gurinder , One Minute to Fame-Kritika and Kennedy, Quiz-Vaishnav and Sandeep, Ad Mad -The team of Parth,Shailendra,Ineet ,Shivam and Sanchit , Singing-Monalisa Bose. Congratulations to the winners !!!

Sunburn promotions in IIPM Delhi.

Sunburn is a major dance and music event which is held in Goa every year. This year the promoters of the fest Percept promoted it in various cities including Delhi and Hyderabad.The event was fun filled and interesting with many competitions like 'best in-house DJ' etc. All students who participated were given the opportunity of winning the VIP passes to the main event which would be held in Goa in December.Students had a lot of fun interacting with each other and enjoyed spending time over registering themselves for the direct Facebook page of the event where the sponsors uploaded live feed of the event being conducted.

IIPM Delhi students debate with the Youth Leaders of BJP Congress and AAP on 9X News

With the elections just round the corner the stage was set just right to debate and discuss which party deserves to come to power. So the News Channel 9X and IIPM brought the youth leaders of the three parties face-to-face with the students to put forth their views.It was truly an overwhelming experience with both students and the youth leaders interacting with each other asking and answering questions. The cold Delhi evening got heated up with the three parties fighting it out within themselves to prove they are the best.The students enjoyed and also learnt about politics !