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Cicero's Challenge

Cicero’s Challenge is a one of its kind global debate competition, targeted at the high school students in their final years at school. It brings together young and enthusiastic students on a common platform to showcase their oratory skills, as evident from the name of the event – Cicero’s Challenge – a tribute to one of Greek’s legendary orators.

Cicero's challenge at IIPM Indore

On 16th April 2011, the Ciceros challenge was held at IIPM Indore, one of the major events under the Rhetorix Club. One of the most successful events to be marked in the history of the branch saw possibly of all the challenges it could have.With the just in time information of the schools closing down for vacations on 15th ,to drafting the invitation to spreading the word, to delegation ,to set up, to the execution , initially foreseen as almost impossible, was then made a success with