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The Great Indian Dream

The GID Club has the objective of making India developed in health, education and employment by the year 2025. This will happen only when growth and development is targeted more importantly for the bottom 80% of India's population; thus the club aspires to strengthen the Indian economy from its roots by making the weaker section of the society more educated, aware, healthy and employable.

GID club of IIPM Indore conducts an event on Child Labour

IIPM Indore students with an urge to stand against child labour on 17th March 2012 presented beautiful collages, causative skits and informative presentations under GID Club. The exuberance could be easily illustrated from the participative sprite shown by students. In the skit the performers showed the plight of children and the driving forces of child labour. Delivering the message that for real change it’s necessary that people should understand that change will only come if we are ready for the changes with a proper mindset.

IIPM Indore conducts a Blood Donation Camp

A blood donation camp was organized on 16th March 2012 by GID club in association with Maharaja Yaswantrao hospital Indore, Where the IIPM students willingly participated with a feel of responsiveness towards the society. The enthusiasm was clearly visible as the students themselves step forward for donating their blood along with the staff members. The doctor in-charge also briefed the student about how crucial is blood donation for well being of the society and also how a blood donor, is a hero to someone, somewhere, who received your gracious gift of life along with this they also presented a souvenir to blood donor and college.

IIPM Indore organizes a session on CSR

With a thought of strengthening the ethical values in the upcoming managers of various corporate houses and to imbibe a sense of responsibility by awakening the youth a session on Corporate Social Responsibility was conducted on 13th March 2012 under GID Club at Indore campus .Where one of the renowned Professor Dr. Jitendra Sharma demeanor a session with IIPM Students. He acquainted the students that how occupational welfare and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are of growing importance to governments and service providers as they promise to meet challenges of social problems. This has perhaps been partly due to their aspiration to make their operations more ethical. Companies like TATA and BIRLA have been imbibing the case for social good in their operations for decades long before CSR become a popular cause. In spite of having such life size successful examples, CSR in India is in a very nascent stage. The students were really delighted after attending the session as the topic was really knowledge enhancing and included a rational approach for better understanding.

IIPM Indore organizes a health awareness program 'DISHAA'

GID club of IIPM Indore organized a program focusing on the primary prevention of obesity, inculcation of healthy diet, lifestyle practices and diabetes prevention is much needed. A lecture on “Diabetes – causes, consequences, prevention and care” was given by Dr. Tanmay Bharani M.D. (Medicine), D.M. (Endocrinology). He came with project DISHAA which is an initiative to curb type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and coronary heart disease (CHD) by organizing a health check up camp for the IIPM students and staff members. The students of IIPM Indore gained immense knowledge from the health camp to understand the importance of health issues in trends of obesity, insulin resistance and dyslipidemia in the era of nutritional westernization.