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The Finex endeavours to maintain industry connectivity and take the students to the doorsteps of the professional financial services world; be it via Need The Dough, the quarterly journal, which periodically features write-ups from the students themselves, or via the annual seminar. It also facilitates and organizes online trading games which help hone the skills of future investment bankers and portfolio analysts.

IIPM Indore organizes an activity on Portfolio management

Managing an investment is as good as earning a second income. Finance being a subject of study, delivers its true meaning only when put to practice. Extending this chance of practice to our students, the events team at IIPM, Indore, came up with an activity “Manage your Portfolio” On 13th Jan’2012, with four teams of approximately five members each, this task began. Each team was given an imaginary amount of 100,000/-which was to be invested in the stock market, by making a purchase of minimum ten scripts before the market closing on that particular day. After an observation on these investments for three functional days on 17th Jan’2012, the culminating day, all scripts were rated on the value they have gained or lost. After market closing the winning team was announced, considering who could gain maximum returns with the right investment. Such practice of Investment not only educated the students but also helped them use real time analysis.