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SMG (The Placement Club)

SMG is one of the most participating clubs and it is doing more each day to improve networking capital and outreach endeavours. The mission is to provide access to information on current issues in career management, undertake mentoring services, maintain an active presence among the student body, with alumni, and with prospective employers. It strives to prepare students for internships, interviews and careers in different realms of business and entrepreneurship.

IIPM Indore conducts an event Company presentation

Under the SMG Club, on 24th January’2012, IIPM Indore gave students a platform wherein they had the opportunity to deliver a presentation on the choice of their company. In the “Company Presentation” we had a number of participants, who came-up with presentation on companies like HUL, Amul, General Motors & Cipla. With the help of a pre-defined brief, the teams presented the details on the company background, history, vision, mission, financial standing & marketing strategies, which were very well researched. Towards the end, of each presentation certain queries rose by the audience & evaluators, further broadened the facts of the company. Also valuable feedback of the evaluators on presentation & communication skills made it a learning experience for the students.