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G-40 (The IT Club)

The G-40 Club aims to develop a multifaceted appreciation for technology and its role in the global stage so that its members may more effectively succeed in the technological space. Under the aegis of this club, students will have the opportunity to hear speakers from the industry, go to company headquarters, represent in inter-business school technology forums, learn about technology and more specifically about technological developments in business through special tutorials, and more.

Seminar on Animation, VFX, Film-Making at IIPM Indore

The associates from Reliance Big Aims addressed our IIPMiets on “Animation,VFX,Film-Making.”They began by the very basics of Animation drawing and coloring to how it is processed further. Imagination plays a great role in the per-production process. It is sketching down idea's on paper where the process begins,factors like location, time, emotion and story develop the final animated product.They also spoke of motion captured film like Avatar,which is like joining different parts of a human body. Example of 2D classical animation like Tom & Jerry & the elaboration through several video clipping made the session and interesting and enriching one.