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Stage (The Performing Arts Club)

The Stage Club is the Performing Arts Club of IIPM which provides a platform for Management Students to explore their creativity, confidence level, communication skills and overall personality by organizing events like dramatics, role-plays, music competition, mono-acting competition, street-plays etc.

Fuse to Fame & Fun

An event an how was witnessed by IIPM, Indore on this Wednesday the 6th of April’2011.The canteen at IIPM, Indore reopened & this was taken as a occasion to gather at the most stimulating place of college times, for some most stimulating acts, under the Stage Club.A canteen time reunion, was a platform for students to reunite & showcase their flair for extramural activities. With vibrant decorations & pepping music, the purpose to this gathering was added by competitions like “five minutes to fame”, that gave a podium to the students to exhibit their latent, which goes unnoticed, during their rigorous classroom routines . From dance, to singing, to skits, some very bright talent was showcased though this medium. There thrill heated-up with the Wall painting competition, with UGs & PGs coming face to face. The event culminated with the creative UGs clearly stealing away the deal. All participants were apprized by wining & participation certificates.

Talent Hunt under Stage club at IIPM Indore

From smashing dance moves, to melodious voices, from bold color strokes, to the stage literary set on fire, is what IIPM Indore experienced on 28th September ’2011, in the “Talent Hunt” organized under the Stage Club. We always came across glimpses of amazing talent coming for our IIPM students at Indore, which provoked us to give them a platform to present this talent. Entries gushed in from the very moment dates were declared. Every day after sessions the students were noticed practicing their acts in some or the other corner of the campus. On the final day, the excitement could be felt by seeing the participants all dressed & ready for proving their latent. A series of acts were lined up in the conventional categories of Dance, singing, poetry, mimicry & painting. On the other hand there were some outrageous & out of the league potential, who brought in fresh, unusual & diverse acts like calligraphy to marshal arts. It was not just god gifted ability but the hardworking spirits of the participants which left the judges stunned. It was moments of highs for each IIPM student, be it the ones performing or the rest witnessing those mind-blowing acts.

Audition By Mrs Rashi Verma producer of Vastav and Pukar at IIPM Indore

Mrs Rashmi verma, a producer of movies like VASTAV , PUKAR brought in a launchpad for the young talent of the nation. She was on search for some fresh, unusual talent which she intended to introduce in her upcoming thriller movie. For the same she organized auditions in our very own city Indore, where two days of auditions, were culminated with the last day of Indore Finals. Day 1:Auditions at Pritamlal. Dua Sabha auditorium. Our students performed with full energy and got selected in first round, got the coverage of various news channels and news papers. Day2 :Seven groups were finalized in second round out of which 1 group was about to get chance to perform in finals. Our group' passionate attitude towards dance, made RAJA the actor of D3 Dil Dosti Dance and Mrs. Rashmi. Verma select our group. The chance to perform at such a huge platform was like a dream come true for our participants Day 3: Final day of performance at Abhay Prashal and our group got a chance of performing with the young & talented, Dance India Dance finalist, PRINCE GUPTA. The guru of locking and popping whom students admired the most. The energy and enthusiasm shown by our IIPMiets set the stage on fire & had the maximum hooting at the event.

98.3 visited IIPM Indore for Max Fashion Icon Hunt

On 22nd December’2011, under the “Stage Club”, the RJ’s agents of 98.3 visited IIPM Indore to charge the crowd with enthusiasm while hunting the Icon. After a small make-over the students were clicked one-by-one. In the meanwhile the RJ’s put the crowd to a variety of task from tongue-twisters to walking the ramp & from singing to dancing. This may have been their tool to judge the confidence level of the candidates; was a pure entertainment for every student present there. Aastha Krishna a student of FW 2010-12 batch made it in the top 17 of this hunt, which made IIPM, Indore stand high yet again.