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Alchemy (The Cultural Club)

Through this culture club, IIPMites balances academic subjects with an appreciation and understanding of arts and culture, and thereby to tap one's own imagination. All the events associated with this open a whole new thought process and the interactions stimulate aesthetic sensibilities of the participants. Influential Institute events like Amaze, Aagman, Moonwalk and talent competitions are some of the flagship events of this club.

Valentines Day Bash at IIPM Kolkata

On 14th February 2012 Alchemy Club of IIPM Kolkata organized a Valentine’s Day Bash celebrating friendship, commitment, support, merrymaking and all those sentiments which define love. An everyday place can be something magical as college canteen. The ingredients on this blessed day were heart shaped balloons, beautiful melody by the club members who welcomed all the students and faculty members. Adding to the merrymaking of this first impression were the words of pure wisdom by the Dean, Prof. Amlan Ray. Everyone gathered around to cut the cake, a modern confectioned art and then after all the pleasantries, the hour of absolute frenzy arrived. Students were paired into couples for the evening by lucky draw and were given mind boggling situations which they would have to enact and propose their love to each other. Hence the evening proceeded on to the most cherished game for couples, the paper dance which truly exhibits reality. For the student’s aid stalls selling chocolates, stuffed toys and roses were set up which the participants could use to bridge what the heart could not say. While the music and enthusiasm bridged all the gaps between the students and the faculty as they danced together to celebrate the affability and joviality, there was one thing that continued to progress throughout, a heart shaped flex which filled up with messages that students penned down from their hearts.

Holi Celebration at IIPM Kolkata

A bright sunny day, a clear sky and the onset of summers were the theme setters on this year’s grand celebration of the spirited festival of Holi. IIPM Kolkata, on 8th March 2012, was smeared with the colors of the rainbow of enthusiasm and fun. Holi celebration started at 4pm, a perfectly comfortable time to soak in the Holi ethos and play colors with friends and acquaintances. The students were bustling with excitement as for many it was their first Holi in IIPM. The faculty members turned out to be the pranksters who spread their love and affection and made this festival as joyful & enjoyable, where they not only study but share most of their happiness & are truly involved in making their institution a best place to study with fun & sustained its legacy.

IIPM Kolkata conducts an orientation program

14th May 2012 was the day which marked a new beginning for the fresh batch Spring 2012-2014/15 entering the threshold of the IIPM Kolkata campus. The orientation started with a warm welcome from the honorary Dean Prof. Amlan Ray. The session proceeded with an informative addressing from Prof. Bijan Duttagupta and Mr. Akash Saha. The Chief Guest Abhimanyu Ghosh CEO Planman Media further enlightened the new students and welcomed them into the fabric of the IIPM family. The Orientation day ended with a grand lunch and a friendly interaction between the novel students and the IIPM faculty members.

IIPM Kolkata conducts an orientation programme for Spring Summer 2012-2014-15 batch

On 18th June 2012, IIPM welcomed new members to the Kolkata branch, Spring Summer 2012-2014/15. The orientation program started with Mr. Aniruddha Bannerjee addressing the gathering of students, their guardians and was passionately continued by words of wisdom by Prof. Bijan Dutta Gupta and finally by Prof. Anirudh Sharma, who has been associated with IIPM for over fourteen years and is Dean for mentoring and has been an active part of admissions and International Expansion Programs. The new batches brimmed with excitement and were given a very enthusiastic introduction to their journey in the IIPM family.

Alchemy Club of IIPM Kolkata celebrates Friendships Day

Friendship happens to be one of those relationships which cannot have a fixed definition because of its flexibility honoring the association that two people make confiding in each other, sharing affection and supporting through the worst and celebrating the best. Keeping this in mind, Alchemy Club of IIPM Kolkata celebrated Friendship Day on 4thAugust 2012 in the college. The event saw a gathering of the new students and the existing ones and started with everyone tying friendship bands to each other which were on display. This proved to be a wonderful opportunity for the different batches to interact and socialize. Then the crowd was divided in teams of two and the classic game of dumb charades was played. The event ended with students tying the friendship thread to the faculty members and the faculty then extending the hand of friendship to the students. There was a big flex made where all the students wrote friendship messages for each other.

IIPM Kolkata's Alchemy Club celebrates Teachers Day

Students of IIPM KOLKATA celebrated Teachers’ Day in the campus on 5th September 2012. The students took initiative to celebrate this memorable day in a grand way to show their love and respect towards the faculties. All the esteemed faculties of IIPM Kolkata were invited through scrolls to be a part of this celebration. The event started with a cake cutting ceremony which was done by our respected Dean, Prof. Amlan Ray. There was a video presentation which was made by the students as a token of gratitude towards every faculty. Then there was a short quiz competition for the faculties. Apart from this the faculties showcased their talent in front of the students like poetry, singing, acting, dancing and much more. The Band “Resolute” thrilled the audience with their awesome performance. In the end all the faculty members were given customized pens as a token of appreciation.

MTV Cadbury Carnival rocked IIPM Kolkata Campus

MTV Cadbury Carnival rocked the IIPM Kolkata campus on 11thof October 2012 with their agenda of finding India’s friendliest College. The students formed various teams as they were ready to compete in the fun and ludicrous impromptu tasks. Out of the teams which were participating in the intra college level, Shashank, Akhtar, Jhuma and Joyshree won and were qualified to move on to next day’s city finals held at Haldirams. The Inter- College Finale was like a grand carnival and there were lots of Facebook and Twitter games that were played and out of all the colleges that contested, IIPM Kolkata won the title of The Friendliest College and was awarded with certificates and a brilliantly crafted trophy.