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Guest Lecture

Guest Lecture

Effectiveness on Communication and Negotiation Skills in Students Career

The big question on every one’s mind as they cross the threshold of the journey of learning business management is how they are going to apply it to their future. Keeping this theme in mind, IIPM organized an informative guest lecture on 24th March 2014 on the topic “Effectiveness on Communication and Negotiation Skills in Students Career” Mr. Soumya Nandy who is an ex- Area Sales Manager of Standard Chartered Bank energized the students with his perspective on the topic and presented forth his novel ideas by giving an extensive presentation and enthused the students to select the right careers for themselves. The event ended with a stirring speech which inspired the students to be a slave of their dreams and have the freedom and strength to act towards it.


We at IIPM recently had a guest lecture on CROSS CULTURAL MANAGEMENT, guest lecture was being delivered by one of the teachers who was a IIPM Chennai student in the past and had worked in Canada for almost for 5 years. Students from three different batches were a part of this session and the professor threw light on culture, its importance, its reference point, its source of existence. It was an entertaining class as students came from different ethnic backgrounds and culture and could relate to what was being taught. Session , took place for an hour where the professor laid emphasis on how culture influences management and how important it is for a manager to know cross cultural management in order to make sure that their is smooth flow of business and there is no rift or a state of blue funk in the environment . After the end of the session we realized what culture is , what are the different forms and types of culture throughout the world and how important it is to know ones culture ., it was an amazing class full of fun and knowledge and reflected the true culture of education in our university.