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The Great Indian Dream

The GID Club has the objective of making India developed in health, education and employment by the year 2025. This will happen only when growth and development is targeted more importantly for the bottom 80% of India's population; thus the club aspires to strengthen the Indian economy from its roots by making the weaker section of the society more educated, aware, healthy and employable.

IIPM Kolkata organizes a session on CSR

IIPM Kolkata GID Club conducted a guest lecture on Social Marketing during the GID foundation week celebration. The topic was, ‘Is social marketing relevant in India’? The programme started with the inauguration speech by the Dean of IIPM Kolkata. The guest speaker for the day was Mr. Aji Issac who has social media marketing experience for brands like Aditya Birla, Tata group of companies and many others. He is also a digital marketing evangelist, mentor & Christian leader. The guest lecture was held on 13th March 2012. The session continued for 2 hours from 1:30 to 3:30pm and students attended it with great interest. The lecture enlightened the student on the subject matter of social marketing and its pros and cons where the students had a one to one interaction with the guest. Prof B.D Gupta one of the senior faculties of IIPM Kolkata attended the session and contributed his learning with the students.

IIPM Kolkata conducts an event- Colour the classroom

IIPM Kolkata and GID Club had organized an event “Colour the Classroom” to help the disadvantaged goon children of the slum. The volunteers of IIPM were given the task to go to GID’s Learning canter and decorate their classroom to graphitize the children to attend the classes. The volunteers had registered their names and had showed great enthusiasm for the holistic development of the under privileged classes through this event. The volunteers interacted with the slum dwellers and got very well jelled up. After the drawing session these volunteers decorated their classrooms with ribbons, balloons and colures to grow interest of slum children towards studies. The noble work done by the volunteers gave a sense of satisfaction within them as they felt pleasure in working for the slum dwellers. It in turn developed sensitivity and change their perspective towards life. The event was a great success!!!

IIPM Kolkata organizes a Blood Donation Camp

IIPM Kolkata and GID Club came up with the innovative social venture by organizing blood donation camp in the campus. People really appreciated this initiative by and came forward to donate blood as a token of concern towards suffering humanity. A blood donation camp was organized on 15th March by GID Club & IIPM Kolkata in association with “Rabindra Nath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Science’’. All students along with the institute professors turned up as blood donors. The camp was a real success as lot of unit was collected. There was an active participation not only from the students but from the faculty and staffs too. The first donor was IIPM Kolkata’s Dean, Prof. Amlan Ray itself. The criteria for donating blood was that one’s weight should be at least 45 Kgs. Doctors examined donors for blood pressure which has to be normal and haemoglobin as 12.5. All donors were enthusiastic about donating the blood for society and those who are in need of it. To overcome the problems doctors who were involved in taking the blood samples also gave advices and iron tablets to increase the haemoglobin levels. The process of donating blood was very simple and it took just about 10-15 min per person. Then the donors were given some snacks and fruit juice to replenish the glucose levels immediately and to maintain blood pressure.

IIPM Kolkata’s GID Club conducts movie screening of ‘Up In The Air’ a corporate film for students.

IIPM Kolkata and GID club came with a new idea of movie screenia’s ng on the theme employment for its students on 26 September, so that students get their lessons not only through models, theories and books but also through mind changing and motivating movie. The name of the movie screened was ‘UP IN THE AIR’. Movie is based on corporate life and highlights the firing process. Both post graduate and under graduate students attended the screening. After the movie there was an interactive sessions and case study on the movie itself where students were asked to give their suggestions and opinions on certain job related problems which made the environment knowledgeable.

GID Club organized a Debate Competition at IIPM Kolkata

IIPM Kolkata’s GID Club organized debate competition for the students on the theme ‘EMPLOYMENT’ on 27 September 2012. The topic given to the participants was ‘FDI INVESTMENT OF 51 % IN RETAIL- AN OPPORTUNITY FOR EMPLOYMENT’. The students were asked to make teams of two among which one would speak for the motion and another one would speak against the motion. Both post graduate and under graduate students got their names registered for the competition. The participants showed great enthusiasm and spoke what they felt and then were judged on different parameters. In the end there was a winning team and a runner-up team. All in all it was a day well spent.

GID Club conducts Quiz Competition at IIPM Kolkata

IIPM Kolkata and GID club organized a quiz competition on the theme Employment where UG students were on field to fight with PG students with their knowledge. PG students were confident because they were seniors’ but UG’s were never the less. Many interesting and tricky questions were asked which created a thrilling atmosphere. The participants as well as the audience gained loads and loads of new information. ATLAST KNOWLEDGE WON THE COMPETITION..!!

IIPM Kolkata’s GID club organized an event on CHILD LABOUR A BANE OF OUR SOCIETY

There is a saying that a small word of inspiration can triumph s GID all obstacles and result in greatest adventures, unabashed and fearless. This was spirit of the event organized by GID Club & IIPM Kolkata in a crafted theme of ‘’Child Labour- the bane of our society’’ on 28 September. The students were asked to make groups of at least four participants and make a PowerPoint presentation and explanatory speech by each participant. Students showed up huge enthusiasm and came forward to volunteer their names for the event. The students display their projects and auctioned their talents which raised the excitement to platonic level. During this event for once all students were under the same umbrella wanting to stop child labor. Every student joined hands against the crime- butchering of innocence.

IIPM Kolkata's GID Club organized Poster Making Competition for students

On the 4th of September 2012, IIPM Kolkata's GID club organized a collage making competition for the students of UG and PG batches off all winter 2012.The theme was "A better Earth" which required the students to use their creativity to interpret their Idea of a "Better Earth". The students made colorful and creative collages in teams of two, where after completing their collages they explained the concept behind the collage and were judged on the clarity and creativity of their collages. The students enjoyed and displayed creativity, teamwork and communication skills. All in all it was a day well spent.