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The Finex endeavours to maintain industry connectivity and take the students to the doorsteps of the professional financial services world; be it via Need The Dough, the quarterly journal, which periodically features write-ups from the students themselves, or via the annual seminar. It also facilitates and organizes online trading games which help hone the skills of future investment bankers and portfolio analysts.

IIPM Kolkata organizes the book launch for Mr.Aman Chugh

It was an honor for the students of IIPM Kolkata to have the youngest C.A in India in front of them and discussing about his new book on Financial Derivatives. Mr. Aman Chugh was an inspirational speaker who not only discussed about his book but also explained students how finance can be an interesting subject if they opt for it in the near future. The lecture was driven by various examples which we came across in our day to day life. During his lecture Mr. Aman Chugh was focusing on the interest rates and their movements. He also explained the concept of importers & exporters and how it is a base for a country by explaining the market scenario with his mesmerizing speech he explained every concept with such an ease that students were answering his questions in a passionate manner and everybody was eager to learn something new from him. His style of teaching was different, not only did it make the crowd spellbound but also made them understand that finance can be interesting path if they choose it.

IIPM Kolkata organized an event named

On 10th august, FINEX club organized an event named “Money never sleeps”. In the event, a movie named “The Wall Street” was shown to the undergraduate and postgraduate students. The movie basically focused on insider trading. There were five participating teams consisting of two members each. Each team was given sheets to note down the key financial points while the movie was going on. Once the movie got over, the teams had to analyze the movie from the financial point of view and they were being judged by Prof. Ananya Ghosh and Prof. Aniruddha Banerjee. The teams were given a duration of five minutes to present their analysis. The students came up with exceptional points which were really appreciated by the judges. The event was concluded by announcing the winners and the certificates and trophies being handed over to the winners.

IIPM Kolkata organizes Guest Lecture on “THE SATYAM SCANDAL”

On 24th September 2012 a guest lecture was conducted by the FINEX club. The topic of the session was The Satyam Scandal- an auditor’s viewpoint. The concept behind conducting this session was to make the students aware of the scandal and the consequences of the same. The seminar was conducted by Mr. Jaideep Gupta, Dean of academics and Head of finance at ISB, Kolkata. He is an alumnus of St. Xavier’s College, a Fellow Chartered Accountant and an Associate Cost Accountant. He has been associated with organizations like Reliance Industries and PWC. There were approximately 50 students attending the lecture including both post graduate and under graduate students. It was quite an interactive session where the students asked a lot of questions and all their queries were answered. It was quite a learning experience for the students. Finally a token of appreciation was handed over to the speaker concluding the session.

IIPM Kolkata’s Finex Club conducted an event SYNERGY

Finex club conducted an event called Synergy on 28thSeptember, 2012 at IIPM Kolkata. The event was basically a Poster Making Competition on the top mergers and acquisition stories in the last two years across the world. The topic was given to the participants a week back so that they do their preparations. On the final day, the participants had to come and prepare the poster on the chart paper which was provided to them by us. They were given time duration of 50 minutes to prepare the poster. After completing the poster, the students had to present it in front of the judge. The event was judged by Prof. Ananya Ghosh. Out of the 12 participating teams, 5 teams were short-listed for the second round where a series of questions were posed to them by the judge, after which came up with the runners up and winners were decided. Soumyajit Kar and Chandrani Sengupta were declared as the winners