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Stage (The Performing Arts Club)

The Stage Club is the Performing Arts Club of IIPM which provides a platform for Management Students to explore their creativity, confidence level, communication skills and overall personality by organizing events like dramatics, role-plays, music competition, mono-acting competition, street-plays etc.

IIPM Kolkata organizes an event

IIPM Kolkata Stage club organized its very first event called “SUPERSTARS-2012” on 8thAugust 2012, which act as a platform for all those students who are passionate about singing, dancing, mimicry, mono acting, and much more. The basic idea behind the event was to explore student’s creativity, confidence level, communication skills and overall personality and mostly to showcase their talent. Enthusiast from different sections participated in the event and the crowd witnesses fantastic performances by the participants in acting, singing, dancing and mono acting. These performances were judged by the heads in SMG department and the winners were awarded and appreciated. Nishant Roy Chowdhury was the winner of IIPM SUPERSTARS and Eshani Mondal was the 1st runners up, Resolute Band was the 2nd runners up.

IIPM Kolkata organizes 'DIRECTOR’S CUT' movie making competition

Now a day Movies have become an integral part of our lifestyle. At IIPM Kolkata Stage Club came up with a Movie making event, “Director’s cut” held on 22nd August 2012. The students used this event as a medium to showcase movies highlighting various facets of our society. The students were asked to make movies which act as a platform for them to showcase their creativity, their directorial skills, their acting skills and their story writing skills. The students came up with 10 movies and out of which 4 movies were premiered in front of all the batches in the auditorium. The judges were greeted with popcorn and cold drinks to enjoy the movies and popcorns were also distributed among the audiences. The movies were judged on the basis of storyline, acting, dialogues, impact and direction by Prof. B.D.Gupta and Prof. Sudas Roy. Abhradeep Kundu won the awards for Best Director & Best Actor for the movie “THE END” “LOVE N GREED” won the Best Screenplay and “BROKEN SKY” won the award for the Best Movie.