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E2 (Entrepreneurship & Economics Club)

The E2 Club was formed in recognition of the unique and critical role of economics in the business and entrepreneurial management realms. The Club is planned around two primary activities relating to entrepreneurship and economics areas. It endeavours to stimulate the creativity of the participants of IIPMites by conducting regular events like policy forums, research paper presentations, essay competitions and various other learning interventions which intend to unlock the economic ingenuity of

IIPM Kolkata organizes Article Writing Competition

On 17th of August 2012 an article writing competition was organized by the E-Club. The topic for the Article was “Social networking Sites are spoiling the Youth”. Around 35 students participated in this competition. In this article writing competition students have expressed their views about different social networking sites and their impacts on the youth. Although the total time given to the students was 1 hour, after the completion of the Competition they came up with thought provoking informations. The students thought that the social networking sites were actually hampering their own lives. The event was judged by Prof. Bijan Dutta Gupta. The winner and the Runners up for the competition were Somnath Bhattasali and Souvik Ghosh respectively.

IIPM Kolkata organizes food exhibition "I.T.E.L"

IIPM Kolkata witnessed an eventful display of entrepreneurship skills on the 25th of August 2012, when the E Club comprising of E Cell and E2 i.e. Economics and Entrepreneurship organized a food exposition called I.T.E.L i.e. Intellligence Taste Experiment Love in the college canteen. This gave the students a chance to apply their business sense and sell itineraries on the menu designed by them. The students had put up their individual stalls and sell food items which were popular with an innovative twist! Starting from salads, sandwiches, chaats, dhoklas to chocolate pies, pudding, mocktails and chocolate shots, the place was a myriad of delicious food and the canteen was flooded with customers comprising students and faculty. The event lasted for over 2 hours and most stalls were sold out. Some teams in addition to food also came up with nail art, greeting cards, henna art, etc. The E Club stall came up with a highly creative approach of designing food based on android softwares. The stalls were awarded points based on the feedback form given to the customers evaluating the innovation and promotions and the profitability margin which was judged by Prof. Bijan Dutta Gupta who interviewed each and every team and took note of the innovation, sustainability and their success.