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Cicero's Challenge

Cicero’s Challenge is a one of its kind global debate competition, targeted at the high school students in their final years at school. It brings together young and enthusiastic students on a common platform to showcase their oratory skills, as evident from the name of the event – Cicero’s Challenge – a tribute to one of Greek’s legendary orators.

IIPM Kolkata conducts Cicero carnival

Any event takes a preparation time and for something as grand as Cicero, IIPM Kolkata resort to acute hard work and heartfelt efforts. On the 3rd of May IIPM Kolkata was decorated like a collage itself, as all the posters made by the school students of the participating schools on the ‘Get Real’ theme were displayed on its walls and here itself the Collage making Competition was won by Abhinav Bharti School. The IIPM campus was packed with bursting enthusiasm as students from over 50 schools came to inaugurate CICERO in Kolkata. The day started with the Debate challenge which showcased the opined side of the young minds and was won by Shreyas Mohta of Abhinav Bharti School. This was followed by Creative Writing where all the children penned down their points of views about ‘The Pros and Cons of Internet’ and this time Nilanjan Debnath from Don Bosco Bandel bagged the 1st prize. The day proceeded on to Face Painting, showing the artistic flare of the students and was won by Biswadeepam Pal, Sampad Biswas, Shubham Mukherjee of Don Bosco Bandel. The next event was JAM, the 1 minute extempore which truly displayed the reasoning and framing of the students who participated and Malhar Chakraborty of Pramila Memorial School shined through. No IIPM event is complete without its famous AD-ZAP and with a fun display of creativity and presence of mind, Premlata Toppo, Prisca Toppo and Pragati Singha of Sunrise English Medium School won the event. Following this, was a fun filled session of Dumb Charade sending volumes of vibrancy out in the audience and participants. This fun filled event was won by Ashish Ranjan Singh, Amit Jha and Rohit Sultania of Sunrise English Medium School. The day ended with the Quiz, an informative, enthused session and was won by Sourya Prakash Bhaduri and Titu Bardhan of Abhinav Bharti Sachool. With the first day coming to an end, the excitement for the second day was only the beginning. The On- Stage Events of the next day were hosted in Kalamandir and the auditorium witnessed a footfall of about a thousand school children, leaving to one’s imagination the kind of enthusiasm that filled the air. The SKIT was won by Don Bosco Bandel comprising of very talented participants Arnab Ghosh, Souvik Chatterjee, Amit Rajak, Rahul Nag, Patricik Biswas, Albert Mardy, RustamTirky, Samir Topho and Rajdeep Chakraborty. The next event was Choreography celebrating the insatiable spirit of dance and was won by Rahul, Imran Hussain, Junaid Ahmed, Rajiv Chowdhury, Vishal and Prateek of Ellias Meyer School. Then came the time all the schools were eagerly waiting for, Single Unit performing and creating impactful music for such an effervescent and vivacious audience. With two days of fun filled events and over a month of hard work, CICERO turned out to be a grand success on the accomplished platter of IIPM Kolkata.