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G-40 (The IT Club)

The G-40 Club aims to develop a multifaceted appreciation for technology and its role in the global stage so that its members may more effectively succeed in the technological space. Under the aegis of this club, students will have the opportunity to hear speakers from the industry, go to company headquarters, represent in inter-business school technology forums, learn about technology and more specifically about technological developments in business through special tutorials, and more.

IIPM Kolkata organizes Gamer Freak

The G40 club of IIPM Kolkata organized “Gamer Freak” where a LAN based game “Need for Speed” tournament was held on the 10th of September 2012.The knockout round was held between 12 students of both UG and PG batches. The knockout round separated the best from the good, after that the top 3, Hiten Patel, Debjyoti Jana and Prateek Virmani were made to race each other in a league round. Hiten Patel of Fall 2011-14 batch was crowned the winner after he defeated both Debjyoti and Prateek in a race. Debjyoti Jana and Prateek Virmani stood 2nd and 3rd respectively. The students were very excited and eager to participate and the event surely satiated their Need for Speed.